Developing e-learning objects for Lithuanian schools

  • “Integrated course of natural science based on ICT for 5-6th and 7-8th grades”

Virtual “Integrated course of natural science based on ICT for 5-6 grade” was prepared which may be found at: and “Integrated course of natural science based on ICT for 7-8 grade” which may be found at:


  • “Interactive course of audiovisual learning modules for I-IV gymnasium classes”

During the project “Creating and installing interactive learning tools for gymnasiums in Vilnius” 240 learning objects were created. Learning objects, created based on multi-functional environment, are in accord to Common programs and are oriented to the needs of gymnasium students.

Learning tools created for the project are available to all Lithuanian gymnasiums through Centre of Information  Technologies of Education. Internet address is


  •   “Electromagnetism and alternating current (9-10th grade)”

This educational computer program is necessary for both teacher, who needs to show and explain what is not visible at usual conditions, and for the student, as process of learning becomes more imaginative and appealing. It allows student to learn by himself and teacher can observe the results of the learning process. Internet address is


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